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When searching for a suitable chart, it is generally helpful to enter the keyword into the search, for example, “Nutrition” and “Patients” for searching for the patient numbers that need to be artificially fed.
In case you are searching for charts of a specific year, you can also implement this for your targeted search.
We also offer you some filter options.

You can search by categories, data type, language, and price of the chart.

You can find the following data in the categories: Market data: You will find everything you need to know about figures and data on markets and sectors, including sales developments, market structures, trend reports, and forecasts here.
System: If you were looking for information on laws, ordinances, or general processes, you would find them in his category.
Participants: You will find charts for individual market competitors under participants. This can be companies, authorities, or other organizations.
Please note that some charts cover two categories.

If you cannot find a chart with the information, please send us an email to [email protected] and we will find the right information for you.

The Charts contain data from our partners from many different branches (consulting, industry, science), including Roland Berger, Oberender, and BVMed. We are currently working with 20 partners to be able to offer you a comprehensive range.

Most of our charts are currently from the healthcare sector. We are working on covering other industries in the future. If you have any special requests, please send us a message at [email protected]

Our charts are either available in German or English, and the translation between both directions is also possible. However, we currently do not support other languages.

Should you have any questions about the presented data or require further information about charts, you can contact us directly and easily by using the QR code on the charts.

You can easily pay for your orders by credit card, PayPal, Sofort or, bank transfer. You can also store your payment information in your customer profile.

Sure, you can buy charts as a guest.

Should you have chart downloading problem, please send us an email to [email protected]

No, our charts are only available in PPT or PDF formats.

If you do not find your chart again, this is not a problem. In your customer account under the tab “Purchase history” you will find all previous orders and you can download your chart there as often as you want.

No, it is not possible to create multiple users under one account.

You can view invoices in your customer profile under “Purchase history.” It allows you to download the invoices for a single order or multiple orders.

There is a weekly newsletter in which you can also find our latest charts. You are welcome to register for our newsletter.

If you are interested in becoming a Whitechart partner, simply send an email to [email protected].

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